Life Is Learning Together
Remote Learning Co-op For Everyone

We Know The Problems You're Facing
We Have Homeschooled Our Children For 10+ Years

Power Struggles
We battle getting shoes on or making it sporting events on time, how will we NOT battle when it comes to learning?

Will my children meet friends, socialize, and learn how to make vital and meaningful connections?

Have we just entered the wild west of learning? How can I teach them everything they need to know? Shhh, I have a secret...You can't.

Vursity is a Co-op. What is that?
Your Secret Weapon!

A co-op is a collective of teacher/parents and student/children. Parents teach a single course for many children. This relieves stress for parents, while maximizing learning and opportunity for children.

Parents don't have to teach a course on vursity, but it is highly encouraged!

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What Makes Vursity Unique?

No Grades, Just Progress
Students and parents can track progress based on attendance, participation, and comprehension.

Masterclass Style
Lessons are created by parents. They combine written lesson materials, YouTube video, trivia questions, and student comments

Zoom Meetings
All class meetings will be attended via zoom, in fact account access can be granted via zoom login!

A New Kind Of Social Feed

Updates from your classes show up on a social feed: new comments and questions, new lessons, new trivia questions, student birthdays, and new students

Student Led Clubs Of All Kinds!

Just like parent led courses, students can create clubs based on their interests
and meet via zoom. Harry Potter Book Club, Violin, Dance, Chess, Math, you name it!

Sometimes Money Does Grow On Trees!

33% of Tuition is given back to families as credits we call 'Apples'. Apples = Real payments that we send out to teachers/mentors once a month via Venmo.

Giving teachers an apple has been a centuries long tradition that we want to continue. Only this time, it's virtual! Students can give their teachers/mentors virtual apples that convert to real payments that we send via Venmo. The conversion is fairly simple: 100 apples = $1.00 in real money. The price of apples is set to adjust for the processing fees we have to pay on our end, so buying in larger batches is progressively cheaper.

Expert accounts can be created. We refer to those accounts as mentors. Mentors can also charge apples per lesson unlocked. That being said, sometimes the best earners may be those who offer their classes with no paywall. That will depend on the quality of the content being offered. The first two lessons of every mentor course are free.

Not Enrolling Kids, But Want To Teach?
You Might Just Be An Expert. We Call Those Mentors!

Pay a one time $10 registration fee, and you can start earning money to teach a class! Payments happen via virutal apples that are converted into real money, and you can earn those in two different ways:

1. Students giving apples: Every family is given apples each month to give teachers/mentors, and those families can also buy additional apples to give at anytime as well!

2. Locking Lessons: Determined on a class level, you can lock each new lesson that can only be unlocked with apples by each student. The first two lessons per class are free, so this insures that you are teaching quality material each and every lesson/week. Once you create an account, there is an option to register as a mentor.

Tuition Fees
First month is only $1!!

per family

If 5 other families sign up from your invite, we'll drop fees to $5/mo

Public/Private School, Homeschoolers, Or Unschoolers...

Full-Time or Part-Time, Vursity is for everyone!
Whether you want to open up more opporunities for your kids, use Vursity full-time, or just dabble, we're suited for everyone!

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Problems, Solved
Like 2+2=4

1. Curriculum
2. Socialization
3. Power Struggles
4. Strength & Interest Based Learning
5. Unique Schedules
6. Supplementary or Full-time learning
7. Middle School & High School
8. Inexpensive school choice
9. Ending stigmas of what "homeschool" really means
10. Leadership Opportunities